Vavilov Pavel Ivanovich 

Sailor of the Arctic fleet, Siberian, Hero of Socialist Labor. 
Born in the village of Pavlyuchino, Lyubimsky District, Yaroslavl Province. He graduated from the three classes of the local school, in 1927-1929. He worked as a loader in Kineshma, then moved to Leningrad and worked as a sailor on the ships of the Leningrad River Shipping Company. 
Vavilov's acquaintance with the sea, with the Arctic, occurred in 1934 after transferring to work at
The Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. At first he was a fireman, and then a machinist, participated in the war with Finland. Vavilov met the Great Patriotic War as part of the crew of the famous icebreaker ship “A. Sibiryakov". On August 25, 1942 an unequal battle “A. Sibiryakova "with the German" pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer". Vavilov was the only surviving and not captured member of this battle. On the way to his miraculous rescue, the sailor had to overcome extraordinary difficulties, while displaying amazing courage, patience, endurance, and willpower. 
Vavilov and several other people were cut off from other Siberians during the steamer fire that started as a result of the shelling. 
They tried to lower the boat, but it turned out to be numerous holes and sank. Then Vavilov and the fireman Safronov and the wounded foreman Dunayev lowered the log into the water, climbed on it, but because of the current they could not otgresti from the board. Exhausted, they moved through the hole from the log into the coal pit of the steamer, and then to the deck. Soon the ship began to sink quickly, and the sailors rushed overboard, but they were dragged into the resulting funnel. Vavilov was already losing consciousness when, for some reason, he seemed to be thrown to the surface by a cork. Having remained unnoticed among floating burnt debris, he, fortunately, spent a short time in icy water. He managed to climb a rowboat near him, in which he found a surviving jar of biscuits, three dozen boxes of matches and two axes, fresh-water anchors, a stick with cartridges and a spare clip. In addition, he was lucky to catch a heavy bale with a sleeping bag and warm clothes, as well as a bag of bran. Using a board instead of an oar, Vavilov swam to a rocky island that was visible not far away, and threw himself at him with a surf wave. 
On the island, he discovered a wooden tower of a gas flasher and found out that the island had the name Belukha. Vavilov made himself a hut out of the boards of the tower, but did not live in it, noticing a bear with two cubs on the island. In a sleeping bag he spent the night on the top of the tower. 
So he spent 34 days. He made a brew of bonnets and bran blackened from the water on the fire, lit a lighthouse, ran around the island, waving his jersey when the steamboats passed away, but he was not noticed ... His boat broke down in a storm, snow charges became frequent, the first frost came. Biscuits and bran ended. Vavilov was ready to go with the bears on the bears, but did not find them. Finally, he was noticed from one of the steamers. He passed by, but the plane flew in, dropped the bag, and in it was chocolate, condensed milk, a note: “We see you, but we can't sit down, a very big wave. Tomorrow will fly again. Beware of bears, there are many of them on the neighboring island. ” The next day the same plane flew again - and again could not sit down, dropping the package with chocolate, condensed milk, fried fish, and cigarettes. Only on the fourth day after the discovery of the aircraft I.I. Cherevichny, despite the big wave, sat in the sea. Two men in a rubber boat sailed to the island and removed Vavilov from it. 
After the war, Vavilov continued work in the Arctic, sailed on the icebreaker ship "G. Sedov” icebreakers “Lenin” and “Captain Melekhov”. On November 18, 1960, he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for selfless labor. 
He died and was buried in Arkhangelsk at the Kuznechevsk (Vologda) cemetery. 
An island in the Kara Sea among the Northeastern Islands. 
Named in 1962 by Dixon hydrographs.



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