Volkovich Andrey Nikolaevich

(17.10.1870 - 31.03.1904)

Military doctor.

Born in Minsk in the family of a hereditary nobleman of the Smolensk province.

Secondary images received in Yekaterinburg, Perm and Ufa classical gymnasiums, and Ufa with a silver medal.

In 1889 he entered the Imperial Military Medical Academy, from which he graduated in 1894 with a degree in medicine with honors.

In 1892, while still a student in his third year, he was, at his own request, sent to Vyatka province to fight the epidemic of typhus, then cholera.

After graduating from the academy, he served as a junior doctor of the 9th Old-Ingermanland Infantry Regiment, then, going to the Navy Department, as a junior doctor in various naval crews before production to senior doctors in the 15 naval crew.

In the 1894-1895 academic year, Volkovich passed the exam for the doctor of medicine at the Military Medical Academy, and in September 1898 he defended his thesis "The physiology and pathology of the gastric glands".

A passionate researcher at heart, Volkovich gave preference not to practical, but to experimental medicine, which he enthusiastically engaged himself with on the proposal and under the guidance of I.P. Pavlova. The conditions of service, of course, tore him away from classes, especially since he always treated his duties with complete conscientiousness, fervently devoting himself to his professional activities and persistently seeking a possible improvement in the work that was entrusted to him.

In 1896, Volkovich made a 4-month voyage on the battleship Gangut as part of a practical squadron, in 1897-1898. two two-month campaign on the battleship "Poltava".

During 1899 - 1901 Volkovich served as a doctor in the transport "Bakan", seconded to the Russian-Swedish expedition on the degree measurement on the Svalbard archipelago.

In this expo, he was engaged in collecting hydrological and zoological material, the processing results of which were published in the scientific works of the expedition.

At the end of the expedition, Volkovich was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav 2 degrees, and from the Swedish government received the Order of the Cavalier Cross of 1 degree.

In the spring of 1902, Volkovich received an appointment as a senior physician to the battleship Peresvet, which was part of the ships of the Pacific Squadron, and went by dry to Port Arthur. Delayed on the way due to illness, he arrived at his destination with some delay and, by order of the squadron commander, was transferred to the battleship Petropavlovsk, which determined his tragic fate.

According to eyewitnesses, Volkovich was one of the first to be thrown overboard of a sinking ship, and, like a good swimmer, he could still float for a long time, waiting for his salvation. A suitable boat found him, however, already in an unconscious state.

Picked up by people from the boat, he showed more signs of life, breathed, opened his eyes, but did not answer the questions offered to him and died quietly before reaching the shore. Of the external injuries, he found only a small scar on his forehead. Most likely, death occurred from heart paralysis under the influence of a long stay in cold water, especially since he recently complained of pain in the region of the heart.

Mountain in the east of Torel Land, West Spitsbergen Island. The coordinates are 77° 20'N  17° 15'E.


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