Vollosovich Konstantin Adamovich 
(21.05(02.06).1869- 25.09.1919)

Russian geologist, researcher of the Arctic regions of Siberia. 
Born in the village of Starchitsy, Slutsk district, Minsk province (now the village of October, Soligorsk district, Minsk region) in the family of a priest.He studied at the Minsk Theological Seminary, without completing it, passed exams for a gymnasium course. In 1892 he graduated from the University of Warsaw. 
In 1894, for his revolutionary activities, Vollosovich was arrested, sitting in the Peter and Paul Fortress and in the Warsaw Citadel. 
On the instructions of the St. Petersburg Mineralogical Society, Vollosovich took part in the expedition of Academician F.N. Chernyshev on the shores of the European Arctic Ocean. In the 1880s, while in exile in Arkhangelsk, he studied the glacial formations of the region. 
In 1900, Vollosovich was exiled to Eastern Siberia for his political activities. There, he received an offer from the Academy of Sciences to take part in
the Russian Polar Expedition  E.V. Toll on the Novosibirsk Islands. His task was to guide the auxiliary party, engaged in the device of food warehouses on the islands of Faddeevsky and Kotelny in case of the death of the RPE vessel. With a group of 10 people on five dogs and two reindeer sleds in March 1901, Vollosovich moved to the New Siberian Islands from Ust-Jansk. He coped with his challenging task very successfully, arranging seven food depots on the Kotelny, Faddeyevsky, New Siberia and Lyakhovsky islands. Kayury Vollosovicha V. Gorokhov and N. Protodeaconov (Deaconov) accompanied Toll in his last tragic campaign on the island of Bennett. Simultaneously with the organization of the depot, Vollosovich conducted very valuable geological studies, collecting rich collections of samples. During the wintering of the Russian Polar Expedition on Kotel'niy Island, he traveled with Toll on a sleigh ride to the mouth of the Balykty River. He remained at the "Zaria" until the daylight.


Vollosovich in the kitchen. Kotel'niy, Nerpalah Lagoon

(photo from archive  Academy of Sciences f.14 op.2 case 217)

In 1907, Vollosovich conducted geological surveys on the Kharaulakhsky ridge on Taimyr, in 1908 he led the expedition of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences to Yakutia on the Sanga-Yuryakh River, which was engaged in excavating the mammoth. In 1909, he headed the western, Leno-Kolymsky, expedition team of geologist I.P.Tolmacheva, whose main task was to survey the sea coast between the Lena and Kolyma rivers. Vollosovich's detachment achieved brilliant results by conducting a topographic survey of more than two thousand kilometers of the Arctic coast based on 25 astronomical points in six months. In addition, the most valuable meteorological, hydrological and geological materials were obtained. Unfortunately, the expedition materials were published only in 1930. 
In 1909–1910 Vollosovich was engaged in the excavation of mammoths on Big Lyakhovsky Island. 
In 1912, Vollosovich was dismissed from the Ministry of Public Education, in which he had been registered since 1900, with the phrase “due to domestic circumstances”. Most likely, this was due to the state of health, the weakness of which manifested itself even in the expedition of Toll. In recent years, he has developed tuberculosis, and he was no longer able to work in the north. After the revolution, Vollosovich hit the Caucasus. His life was interrupted due to a ridiculous accident - he died in a train accident near Kharkov. 
Island and Cape off the northern coast of the island of the October Revolution. Named in 1951 by Arctic Research Institute of Geology staff. 
River in the north of the island Kotelny archipelago Novosibirsk islands.


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