Wulff  Thorild

(01.04.1877 - August-September 1917)


Swedish botanist and polar explorer.

Born in Gothenburg.

In 1902, on the basis of his observations as part of the Swedish-Russian “degree” expedition on Svalbard, Wolf received a doctorate degree at the University of Lund.

During the years 1905-1909. He was a research assistant in the years 1909-1913. assistant professor of botany at Stockholm University College.

In 1911, he and his friend Albert Engström traveled around Iceland described by Engstrom in 1913.

In 1916-1917 The Second Expedition of Thule Knud Rasmussen took place, the object of which was the detailed mapping of the Bay of Melville and the study of fjords in northern Greenland. Wulf joined the expedition in its second phase.

On April 6, 1917, seven travelers including K. Rasmussen, Danish geologist and cartographer Lauge Koch, Wulff, Greenlander Henrik Olsen and three Inuit went to the north of Greenland for the second part of the scientific program. By May 7, they had safely reached the St. George Fjord, where a small food warehouse was set up. By June 23 the scientific work was completed - the fjords Sherard-Osborne, Victoria, Nordenskiöld, as well as the newly discovered J.P. Kochfjord and Delongfjord were studied and mapped. Unfortunately, the calculation for the replenishment of products due to hunting in the area of ​​the fjords Victoria and Nordenskiöld was not justified, and on the way back the travelers were faced with an acute shortage of food, they had to kill the dogs. In addition, under obscure circumstances in the area of ​​St. George's Fjord, Henrik Olsen disappeared. 200 kilometers from the village of Eta Rasmussen was forced to leave the weakened Koch and Wulff with two Eskimos, and he himself, along with the third Eskimos, to go for help. In five days they reached the Greenlanders' camp, but help was late - Thorild Wulff died, unable to withstand the challenges of the tests.

Peninsula (Wolf Land) in northwest Greenland.

Lake east of the completion of the Murchisonfjord, Gustav V Land, Northeastern Land Island, Svalbard. The coordinates are 79° 50'N  19° 00'E.

The mountains   north of the completion of Llefdefjord, Land of Haakon VII , the island of Western Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 79° 30'N   12° 30'E.

The westernmost part of the Wolf Mountains between the Hannabreen and Ericbreen glaciers.


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