Keilhau Balthazar

(02.11.1797 - 01.01.1858)

Norwegian geologist.

Matthias was born in Biri. He graduated from a university course in Christiania, where in 1826 he became a lecturer in mining. During several trips, Keilhau studied the most remote areas of Norway: Finmarken, Norland, and others, visited Spitsbergen and collected information on the geological composition of the soil in almost all of Norway.In 1838, Keilhau founded a special printed publication on Norway's geognosy, called “Gala Norwegica” (in German), where he placed valuable studies: Christiania's Uebergangs-Territorium (1838), “Ueber den Bau der Felsenmasse Norwegens” (1844— 1850), "Erster Versuch einer geognostischen Karte von Norwegen". In Magazin for Natur videns Kaberne, the editor of which he was, Keilhau published a series of articles on earthquakes in Norway, on the theory of granite, on raising land in Norway and Sweden, on Scandinavian formations, etc.

Died in Christiania (Oslo)

A small island near the southern end of the island of Bear, Svalbard. The coordinates are 74° 20'N  19° 04'E.

Glacier length of 5 km and a mountain in the southeast of the world Circapp. Coordinates 76° 38.8'N     17° 00'E .

Bay on the north side of the Tyuffjord on the Islands of the Edge, Svalbard. Coordinates 77º 20'N     21º 30'E .


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