Keilhau Balthazar

(02.11.1797 - 01.01.1858)

Norwegian geologist.

Matthias was born in Biri. He graduated from a university course in Christiania, where in 1826 he became a lecturer in mining. During several trips, Keilhau studied the most remote areas of Norway: Finmarken, Norland, and others, visited Spitsbergen and collected information on the geological composition of the soil in almost all of Norway.In 1838, Keilhau founded a special printed publication on Norway's geognosy, called “Gala Norwegica” (in German), where he placed valuable studies: Christiania's Uebergangs-Territorium (1838), “Ueber den Bau der Felsenmasse Norwegens” (1844— 1850), "Erster Versuch einer geognostischen Karte von Norwegen".In Magazin for Natur videns Kaberne, the editor of which he was, Keilhau published a series of articles on earthquakes in Norway, on the theory of granite, on raising land in Norway and Sweden, on Scandinavian formations, etc.

Died in Christiania (Oslo)

A small island near the southern end of the island of Bear, Svalbard. The coordinates are 74° 20'N  19° 04'E.

Glacier length of 5 km and a mountain in the southeast of the world Circapp. Coordinates 76° 38.8'N     17° 00'E .

Bay on the north side of the Tyuffjord on the Islands of the Edge, Svalbard. Coordinates 77º 20'N     21º 30'E .


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