Crown Alexander Egorovich



Vice-Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the ports of the Eastern Ocean and military governor of the Primorsk region of Eastern Siberia, commander of a detachment of ships in the Pacific Ocean.

Born in Petersburg province. His grandfather, Robert Crown, a lieutenant of the British fleet, joined the Baltic Fleet, commanded ships, distinguished himself in combat operations against Sweden, and reached the rank of admiral.

Alexander Kroun, at the age of seven, entered the sea company of the Alexander Cadet Corps, five years later he was transferred to the Sea Cadet Corps. In January 1939, he was fired as a midshipman, and two years later - as a midshipman.

In the years 1841-1850 Crown sailed in the Baltic Sea, doing hydrographic work in the Finnish skerries, in 1846 he was promoted to lieutenant.

In 1853, on the corvette "Olivuts", he moved to the Pacific Ocean, as part of the squadron of Vice-Admiral E.V. Putyatin sailed in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.

Then he returned by courier to St. Petersburg, in 1854, on the gunboat, a spare rowing fleet was in the defense of Kronstadt.

In August 1856, he was promoted to lieutenant commander and appointed officer for special assignments under the governor-general of Eastern Siberia, and then duty officer-officer of the Maritime Administration at the headquarters of the governor-general of Eastern Siberia, Count NN. Muravyev-Amur.

In September 1860, in England, Crown took command of the gunboat “Walrus” built at Greenhite and arrived there at Nikolayevsk. In 1862, he was appointed an agent of the Navy Department in the United States of North America, and in October 1864, with the rank of Captain 2nd Rank, was assigned to a similar position in England.

In January 1867, Crown was promoted to captain of the 1st rank, and in 1870 he was promoted to the rear admiral for distinguishing himself as commander of the ports of the Eastern Ocean and military governor of the Primorsk region of Eastern Siberia.

In March 1871, he was renamed the chief commander of the ports of the Eastern Ocean, leaving the post of military governor. In this post, Crown continued what was started by the previous governor I.V. Furugelm construction of a new port in Primorye.

In July 1875, Crown was dismissed from his post with a request to transfer to the Baltic Fleet as a junior flagship, in October, he passed the case and left for St. Petersburg. In 1876, commanding the 2nd detachment of the armored squadron, on the ship "Volga" sailed in the Baltic Sea, and from September 1876 to July 1877 was on a business trip in Naples, then in the United States.

In 1878, as Chief of Staff of the Marine and Land Defense Sveaborg, Crown was on the armored frigate "Petropavlovsk" and on the steamer "Smely".

In February 1884, Crown returned to the Far East, receiving an appointment as commander of a detachment of ships in the Pacific. During the years 1884-1885. he carried out cruising service in the seas of the Far East and the Pacific Ocean, and in October 1885 he was returned to the Baltic Fleet and departed for St. Petersburg. From April 1886 he was the junior flagship of the Baltic Fleet, in March 1888 he was promoted to vice-admiral.

He died in St. Petersburg, buried in the Smolensk Lutheran cemetery. The grave could not be found.

Cape on the east coast of Providence Bay. The name appeared as a result of the shooting of the bay by Second Lieutenant Maximov.


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