Dubinsky Vladimir Khristianovich 

Russian magnetologist. 

Born in Chisinau.
In 1885, he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Derpt (Yuryevsky, Tartu) University and entered the GFO, where throughout his life he held the post of head of the Konstantinovsky magnetometeorological observatory in Pavlovsk and was the head of its magnetic department. 
As part of his official work, Dubinsky made magnetic observations in the Podolsk, Kherson, Baltic and Privislyan provinces, was sent to Egypt to organize magnetic observations during the 1905 solar eclipse. 
At the invitation of the State University, he organized the production of magnetic observations off the shores of the Baltic, Black and Azov seas and, based on his measurements, compiled magnetic maps of these waters. Dubinsky writes a number of scientific articles published in the Meteorological collection, Izvestia Imperial Academy of Sciences and other publications. 
At the invitation of the Magnetic Commission of the Imperial Academy, Dubinsky took an active part in the preparation of the planned magnetic survey of Russia. 
A large number of naval officers, hydrographs, took place at Dubinsky internship in the production of magnetic observations. He always shared his knowledge and experience with his students with special pleasure. 
A serious illness that had befallen Dubinsky in the last year of his life, early interrupted his vigorous and useful activity. He died in Pavlovsk and was buried in the local cemetery. 
Cape west of Eclipse Bay on the shore of Khariton Laptev. 
Named by Russian Polar expedition in 1901.


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