Endogurov Ivan Andreevich


Rear Admiral.

Born in the Tver province in the family of a retired lieutenant commander. Eleven years were given to the naval cadet corps and on April 22, 1827, promoted to midshipmen.

Then two sailing sailed in the Baltic Sea on the ships "Tsar Konstantin" and "Gangut". After receiving the title of midshipman in January 1830, he was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet, in which he served for over 25 years. During the first five years of his service, he sailed the Black Sea, the Archipelago and the Mediterranean Sea on the sloop “Diana”, transport “Alexander”, ship “Parmen”, transport “Bug” and the brig “Themistokl”. For participation in the transport of troops from Odessa to Buyukdera raid and from there to Feodosia was awarded the Turkish gold medal.

July 31, 1835 Endogurov was promoted to lieutenant, and in 1837 he was appointed commander of the schooner "Gonets", where he sailed off the Abkhaz shores for nine years. In 1838 he participated in the landing with the occupation of Sochi, Tuapse and Shapsuho.

On April 15, 1845, Endogurov was promoted to lieutenant commander. During the years 1847-1849, commanding the brig Orpheus, he sailed between Sevastopol and Constantinople and for 18 naval campaigns he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of the 4th degree with a bow and the Order of St. Anna of the 2nd degree.

Having received the Kulevchi frigate in command in 1850, he sailed again along the Abkhaz coasts during three navigations and on March 30, 1852, was promoted to captain of the 2nd rank. In the next campaign, he was appointed commander of the steamer-frigate "Vladimir". During the Crimean War of 1854-1856 that followed. He commanded a detachment of gunboats, and in 1854 he participated in repelling the attack of 4 enemy steamers during the bombing of Ochakov.

At the end of the Crimean War in the rank of captain 1st rank commanded the ship "Sinop", which led to Kronstadt. For this transition, he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 3rd degree.

Produced on January 1, 1863, in rear admirals, Endogurov was appointed junior flagship of the Baltic Fleet and commanded a detachment of ships cruising off the Courland coast for two years.

In 1864, led by the detachment of screw corvettes "Bogatyr" and "Kalevala" and the clipper "Abrek", Endogurov made a round-the-world voyage. After touring the shores of China and Japan, he returned to St. Petersburg a year later.

In 1867 he was appointed a member of the commission for drafting the statute of punishment, and remained in this position until his death.

In addition to the aforementioned orders, Endogurov was also awarded the Order of St. Stanislav and St. Anna of the 1st degree and the cross for service in the Caucasus.

He died in St. Petersburg, was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery. The grave is not preserved.

Cape on the west coast of the Providence Bay in the Bering Sea. The name appeared in 1876 after the filming of the bay by Second Lieutenant Maximov.


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