Eremeev Pavel Vladimirovich 

Famous Russian mineralogist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
Born on the Turyin mines in Tobolsk province. He graduated from the course at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute. 
At the beginning of his creative activity, Yeremeyev for several years conducted geological studies on the territory of Tver province. He paid some attention to studying rocks from various regions of Russia, for example, obsidian from Kamchatka, syenite of the Ilmensky mountains, rock from Cape Douai on Sakhalin. He was a student of N.I. Koksharova and to some extent a continuer of the direction in mineralogy, which is called strictly descriptive. 
For nearly 40 years, Yeremeyev dedicated his teaching activities mainly to the Mining Institute, where he read a course in mineralogy in a fascinating way. F.N. Chernyshev wrote in his memoirs: “There are two types of teachers: some focus all their attention on the most talented students, strive to create in the person of their capable scientists and care little about the level of knowledge of the majority of their students;others, on the other hand, are more concerned about shedding a spark of love for science from the very last of their students and instilling in them an interest in the subject being studied, which would be preserved under all life circumstances and under the most diverse conditions of activity in which a person puts fate.Undoubtedly, respect for the professors of the first kind is honorable, but for general cultural purposes, in my opinion, mentors of the second type are much more respectful, seeking to develop love and interest in the stated subject in the general mass of their listeners. Pavel Vladimirovich was undoubtedly such a mentor”.  
He also lectured at the institutes of forest, technology and railway engineers. 
Yeremeyev devoted a lot of energy and time to work in the Mineralogical Society, first as secretary from 1870 to 1892, and then, after N.I. Koksharova, and in the position of director. He was in this post until the last day of his life. Chernyshev, who became the secretary of the Society since 1892, assessing Yeremeyev’s vigorous activity in the Society, wrote that “a rare mother cares so much about her offspring how he bothered about the affairs of the Mineralogical Society”. 
He died in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Smolensk Orthodox cemetery. Granite cross on a pedestal. 
Peninsula in the Gulf of Biruli on the northern coast of Taimyr. Named in 1901 by E.V. 


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