Ergomyshev Konstantin Lvovich

(04.20.1856 - 09.02.1916)

Russian naval officer, lieutenant general with admission to the Admiralty, member of the Tsushima battle. Nobleman.

Born in the Kherson province.

October 22, 1874 entered the Marine Corps. April 16, 1875 was accepted into active service.

During his studies in the Corps, Ergomyshev participated in training campaigns on the Varyag and Gilyak corvettes in the Baltic Sea, in foreign navigation on the Minin frigate, and sailing on the Latnik monitor in the Baltic Sea.

The service of the Ergomyshev was surprisingly uneven. He was awarded numerous orders and medals, and was accused of crimes under four articles of the Naval Charter at once, but was acquitted. He went to domestic and foreign navigation, graduated from the Nikolaev Maritime Academy.

1899–1900 on transport "Bakan" sailed in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Murman, Spitsbergen, Norway and Denmark, as well as in the inland waters of the Arctic Ocean, the White and Baltic seas, participated in the Russian degree expedition to Spitsbergen.

In subsequent years, commanded destroyers, transports and armadillos. Commanding transport "Irtysh" as part of the 2 nd Pacific Squadron, made the transition from the Baltic to the Pacific Ocean and participated in the Tsushima battle, was in Japanese captivity. Almost 10 years earlier, in 1896, Ergomyshev was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure of the 3rd degree in Japan.


Ship "Bakan"


Among his Russian awards are seven orders and three medals, as well as a sign on the end of the degree measurement on the island of Spitsbergen. The number of foreign awards granted to Ergomyshev is striking: seven orders (of Cambodia, Egypt, France, Tunisia, Sweden, Bulgaria and Japan), for which he received and worn the highest resolution.

Upon his return from the Japanese captivity, Ergomyshev was given the rank of captain of the first rank and was appointed the commander of the battleships, first the Three Gliders, and then the Andrew the First Called.

In 1907, the maritime career of Ergomyshev ended in connection with the appointment of the head of the military correctional prison of the maritime department in St. Petersburg with the assignment of the rank of major general to him in 1910.

He retired in 1914 with the rank of lieutenant general.

Mountain in the west of the Land Olaf V, the island of Western Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 78° 50'N   18° 23'E.


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