Erokhin Boris Ivanovich 

Arctic ice captain. 
He was brought to Arkhangelsk as a very young child, with whom his whole subsequent life was connected. He studied at the city school, then at the navigational department of the Arkhangelsk merchant marine school. As a cadet he practiced on the vessels of the Voluntary Fleet, which sailed from Odessa to Vladivostok by the southern seas. 
After graduating from college, Erokhin worked as a navigator on coaster in the White Sea, then in 1912 became the captain of a small sailing ship "Chrysanthemum", on which he flew between Arkhangelsk and the ports of Northern Norway. 
During the years 1914-1917. Erokhin sailed on the steamboat "Semyon Chelyuskin", where he went from the third to the senior navigator. After the ship’s death from the explosion, it was sent by a navigator to the Minin icebreaker and then to the captain of the
icebreaking steamer "Vladimir Rusanov". In the record of Erokhin participated in 1920 in the Kars bread expedition, then in the 1st Kars goods exchange expedition to the mouths of the rivers Ob and Yenisei. 
For his modesty, imperturbability, and attentive attitude towards people, Erokhin enjoyed the respect and love of his fellow servicemen. These qualities were combined in him with determination and strong-willed disposition, which manifested themselves in the most responsible and dangerous situations. 
In the navigation of 1932, Erokhin on the Rusanov made a voyage to Severnaya Zemlya and Chelyuskin Cape. On the island of Domashniy, the group G.AUshakov was replaced, and on the Cape Chelyuskin a B.D. Georgievsky group  was landed, which have to build a geophysical observatory there. During this voyage, the Izvestia TSIC Islands were discovered, the entire Shokalsky Strait was passed for the first time. 
In 1933, Erokhin made his last flights. 
In August, “Vladimir Rusanov” under his command went from Arkhangelsk to the bay of Maria Pronchishcheva, where it was necessary to establish a polar station. Upon returning to Arkhangelsk, after the necessary preparation, the "Vladimir Rusanov" received the task of withdrawing from the freezing Kandalaksha Bay a large sailing ship "Albatross". In the conditions of the stormy sea, after several unsuccessful attempts, the ship had to return to Umba every time. The last time they arrived there was December 11, and after three days Erokhin died suddenly on board the ship. 
He was buried in Arkhangelsk Solombala cemetery. 
The lip in the Kostin Shar Strait on the western coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. 
Named in the 1930s.


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