Esipov Vladimir Konstantinovich



Soviet ichthyologist, researcher of the North.

Born in Moscow. He graduated from Kazan University, in Leningrad, attended lectures at the Geographical Institute and at the University.

He was a well-educated naturalist with a broad scientific outlook, who did not close to the limits of his specialty. He was attracted to both the general questions of biology and geographic problems. Much has been done to them for the knowledge and better economic use of our aquatic fishing wealth. 
Already in his student years, Esipov took part in an expedition to study fishing in the lower reaches of the river Lena, published on its results in the collection "Fisheries" his first scientific article.

Some time after that he studied ichthyology in Kerch and in the Kuban, after which he returned to the North, to which he devoted his whole life.


Kolpinskaya street, 10. Here in the apartment 17 lived V.K. Esipov at the time of 1934


Until 1935, Esipov worked as head of the industrial and biological sector in the Arctic Institute. In 1930, he took part in the expedition on the icebreaker steamer "G. Sedov”, in 1933 headed the scientific and fishing expedition on the motor-sailing boat “Arctic”. Turning to the N.M Knipovich Polar Institute in Murmansk, he also led an active research expeditionary activity. He published a number of outstanding works on fish and on the geography of the North, processed fish collections, produced by numerous Soviet Arctic expeditions. The results of his research are summarized in the classic monograph “Commercial fish of the Barents Sea” published in 1937.

Esipov's works were performed using the latest techniques, with the involvement of all the existing literature, which testified to his great field experience and enormous erudition. His works have made an outstanding contribution to the knowledge of the fauna of the seas of the western sector of the Soviet Arctic.

Esipov was not limited to biological problems. He was a great connoisseur of the geography of the North, known to him both on the basis of his own expeditions, and from a wide range of literary sources. He is the author of numerous published works on geography and geographical research of the Arctic, which are of great interest today.

He died in Arkhangelsk. As academician L.S.  Berg wrote in the obituary  “... represented by V.K. Esipov's family of Arctic explorers, as well as ichthyologists, suffered a large and unreplaceable loss”.

Bay in the east of Nansen Island in the archipelago of Franz-Josef Land. Named cartographers in the 1950s.

A lake on the southeastern coast of the Russkaya Harbor Bay on the Barents coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Called in 1930 by expedition to the icebreaker steamer "G.Sedov".

The river flowing into Brandt Bay on the east coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named  by  expedition of the Arctic Institute on the "Arctic" motorbike in  1933.


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