Ilaev Hadji-Umar Akhmedovich 

Soviet hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in the village of Ardon, Ardon district of the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. From 1920 he worked in his native village, in 1925 he moved to Alair, where he was an agricultural worker. 
At the end of 1928, Ilayev, with his group of comrades, went to Leningrad on a Komsomol voucher and entered the Mining Workers' School at Leningrad State University. After studying one year at the university, he moved to the Hydrographic Institute, which he graduated in 1939. In the same year, his work began at
the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route as a hydrograph engineer at the Zuyd railway station, and since 1940 he has been the head of the wintering hydroorder at Cape Shelagsky in the East Siberian Sea. 
During the war years, Ilayev worked at the Providencial Hydro Base, in 1946 he was the senior hydrograph of a wintering expedition on the island of New Siberia. 
In January 1947, Ilayev headed the survey party of the Alazeya-Indigir expedition, and from April 10 - the survey party of the Training and Production Expedition on Novaya Zemlya. It was here that tragedy occurred. On October 1, Ilayev, after building a navigation mark at Cape Voronin, took the east coast of the northern island out of the rowing boat on the hydrographic ship "Mozdok". In the dusk with snow charges, a sudden overburdened boat from the mountains blew up onto the reefs and turned over with a powerful wave. Of the nine people, only three were saved, and the bodies of Ilayev and two others were not found. 
The rest were buried at the camp camp Lagernoye on the northwestern shore of the Protol Matochkin Shar.


Mass grave in camp Lagernoye

(photo by Fisch)

Bay on the island of Alexandra Land archipelago Franz-Josef Land. The name was approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee in 1963 (Decision No. 651).


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