Isachenko Boris Lavrentievich 

An outstanding Soviet microbiologist, academician, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, Arctic explorer. 
Born in St. Petersburg, in 1891 he graduated from St. Petersburg University in the department of microbiology. At first, Isachenko was forced to work as a botanist in charge of the seed testing station of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden, which he became director in 1917. He devoted microbiology to off-duty time. Closely to this area of ​​science, which constituted the main circle of his scientific interests, Isachenko began working in 1906 and it was in the Arctic as part of the Murmansk Scientific-Industrial Expedition headed by L.L. Breithfuss. He conducted considerable microbiological research in terms of volume and results of the coastal areas of the Kola Peninsula and on Fr. Kildin, as well as aboard the ship of the expedition “Andrey Pervozvanny” in the Barents Sea. For sea sampling, he designed a special microbiological bathometer. In 1914, Isachenko published a monograph “Investigations of bacteria of the Arctic Ocean”, which laid the foundation for a new branch of hydrology — marine microbiology. 
For this work, the Russian Academy of Sciences awarded him the K. Baer Prize.


The hut of an industrialist at Cape Isachenko


After a long break, work in the Arctic Isachenko returned in the late 1920s - early 1930s, when he personally conducted new microbiological studies in the Arctic seas. Isachenko’s great merit as a polar explorer was reflected in his appointment as head of a group of Soviet scientists in the Arctic exploration society using aircrafts - Aeroarctic, founded by F. Nansen in 1924.


Employees of the Murmansk industrial expedition. 1906

Sit: second left LL Breitfuss, first right B.L. Isachenko

In the last years of his life, Isachenko headed the Institute of Microbiology of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and medals. 
He died in Moscow. He was buried at Vvedensky cemetery. 
An island in the Kara Sea in the Sergey Kirov archipelago. Opened and named in 1930 as an expedition on the icebreaker "G. Sedov. 
Cape in the east of the Schmidt Peninsula on the west coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1930 by an expedition on the icebreaker "G. Sedov". 
In the name of ichthyologist V.L. Isachenko, brother B.L. Isachenko, named Cape on the east coast of the Yenisei Bay.


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