Ivanchin-Pisarev Alexey Mikhailovich

(1802 - 1847)


Russian military sailor, hydrograph. Born in the village of Chaplygino, Bronnitsky district, Moscow province in a hereditary noble family belonging to the Moscow branch of the old Ivanchins-Pisarev family.

In 1818 he entered the Marine Corps as a cadet, a year later he was promoted to midshipmen, and in 1822 - to a midshipman. The entire service of Ivanchin-Pisarev was connected with the Baltic Sea and the Baltic Fleet. In 1824 he commanded the Finnish customs yacht, in 1826 on the ship "Prince Vladimir" cruised in the Baltic Sea.

The investigation into the case of the Decembrists established that Ivanchin was not a member of the secret societies, but he was in close contact with the Decembrist sailors. In this regard, on July 13, 1826, by the highest order, he was transferred to Arkhangelsk in order to "serve there under the watchful supervision of the authorities". During the years 1827-1831. he was in the brig "Lapominka" participated in the inventory and measurement in the White Sea, in 1828 he was made lieutenant.  P.K. Pakhtusov also served in this team.

After finishing the inventory of the White Sea, Ivanchin-Pisarev returned by land from Arkhangelsk to Kronstadt. In 1833-1834 he was cruising off the Bornholm island   on the "Kronstadt" ship,, on the steamer "Hercules", went from Kronstadt to Danzig, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Abo, cruising in the Baltic Sea.

In 1837 he was dismissed from military service with the rank of lieutenant commander for "determination to civil affairs".

Buried in village Chaplygin at the church built by his father.

Cape (Pisarev) in the north-east of the island Nelidova in the Gulf Pakhtusov on the southern coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1833 by Pakhtusov.


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