Ivanov Ivan Markelovich


Soviet polar explorer, geomorphologist.

Born in the Great Onions of the Tver Province. He graduated from the Geographical Institute (later the geographical faculty of Leningrad State University).

While still a student of the last year, Ivanov took part in the famous cruise of the Krasin icebreaker in 1928 in order to save the expedition of U. Nobile. Here is the description given by the expedition leader R.L. Samoilovich: “... he was what is called a jack of all trades. His first duty was to help me on geological excursions, during which he conducted an eye-surveying topographic survey. He also had to dissect the dead birds.In addition, he was the secretary of the expedition, led the minutes, ... was in charge of reporting. Ivanov found time to participate in other works, to visit sailors in the cabin, among whom he had many friends. Despite his youth, Ivanov was no stranger to scientific research. He was a member of the Institute for the Study of the North and was to take part in an expedition to the Kanin Peninsula, for which long preparations had been made. But due to the disaster with "Italy" this plan had to be postponed. Ivanov turned out to be a man of cheerful disposition, and in his spare time in the mess-campaign was not averse to laughing, dancing to the Russian and laughing with his comrades”.


Rescued members of the Nobile expedition among the "Krasintsy"

1-Villeri. 2 Begunek. 3-Trojan. 4-Samoylovich. 5-Horace. 6-Ivanov. 7-Sukhanov


In 1929 Ivanov participated in the famous voyage of the icebreaker steamer “G. Sedov" to the Land of Franz Joseph. Expedition headed by O. Yu. Schmidt and R.L. Samoilovich, installed the Soviet flag on Cape Flora, securing the sovereignty of the USSR on the archipelago, and founded the Tikhaya Bay polar station. Ivanov conducted a topographical survey of Newton Island and the Yuri glacier near the station. V.Yu. Vize gave this assessment to this work: “Our topographer I.M. Ivanov began shooting the Yuri glacier, descending from the southern side of the Roubini rock. The shooting of the Yuri glacier was of great interest, since 15 years ago this glacier was filmed by me, and even earlier - in 1904 - by the expedition Fiala. From a comparison of maps compiled in 1904 and 1914 with a new map of 1929, it will be possible to draw a conclusion on whether the glaciers of Franz Josef Land are retreating or advancing ... These changes in the position of glaciers, which can be quite significant, are caused by fluctuations climate . Processing of the survey results showed that the position of the Yuri glacier has not changed. In the correspondence of B. Gromov there are such words: “... Professor Samoylovich and the geographer Ivanov do not waste time. With hammers in their hands, they climb on steep cliffs, beat off pieces of stones and carefully stack them in their shoulder bags”.

The fact that Ivanova, a participant of the wintering season 1929-1930, speaks about Ivanova’s rapidly growing authority. in the bay of Tikhaya M.S. Murov. In February 1930 the winter drivers told by radio that they would be handed over to the radio by Samoylovich, Wiese and relatives. However, it turned out that the leaders were urgently summoned to Moscow and, instead of them, the greeting was conveyed to I.M. Ivanov.

In the summer of 1930 on the same “G. Sedov” Ivanov returned to Silent Bay, but now as the head of a new wintering squad (1930-1931). His wife Nina Petrovna Demme was with him. Later, he wintered in Spitsbergen, Novaya Zemlya, during the war years he was sent to the Urals, where he and his comrades mined zirconium for aircraft construction throughout the war.


The new head of the Franz-Josef Land I.M. Ivanov

at the food warehouse

After the war, Ivanov was engaged in the restoration of higher education in the GDR, he worked at the Pedagogical Institute. Krupskaya, was the dean, the head of the department, a professor at the Faculty of Geography.

He died in Moscow, buried in the Pyatnitsky cemetery.

Ivanov’s first wife was the famous Soviet polar Nina Petmevna Demme (1902-1977).

Daughter from the second marriage - Lyudmila Ivanovna Ivanova, Soviet and Russian film and theater actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

An island in the archipelago of Franz-Josef Land east of Rainer Island. Opened in 1933 by the head of the polar station on the island of Rudolf F.I. Balabin. Named no later than 1955 by Soviet cartographers. 


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