Ivanov Yuri Ivanovich 

Arctic hydrograph. 
Born in the Kalinin region in the village of Dedovo, in 1935 he moved to the Leningrad region. During the war, the family was evacuated to the Vologda region, where in 1945 Ivanov graduated from 10 classes. 
In 1950, Ivanov graduated from
Higher Arctic Marine School of. S.O. Makarov with a diploma of an engineer-hydrogaph, and went to work at the Hydrographic Enterprise of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. He worked first in the western sector of the Arctic, exploring the Baydaratskaya Bay, the coast of Novaya Zemlya. 
In 1960, Ivanov was appointed to the post of chief engineer of the Pevek hydrobase, which he headed in 1973, having stayed in this post until 1981.  The hydrobase provided a section of the Northern Sea Route from the Bear Islands to the Long Strait. 
Suddenly died in Leningrad. Ran for the tram - heart could not stand. Buried at the Gatchina cemetery Leningrad region. 
Strait between the islands of Bolshoi and Maly Routan in the Chaun Bay of the East Siberian Sea. 
At the suggestion of the Academy of Sciences and the Interdepartmental Commission on Geographical Names under the General Administration of Geodesy and Cartography, it was named Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 89 of March 16, 1983.


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