Edarin Edward

(05.03.1852 - 24.11.1923)


Swedish astronomer and surveyor.

Born in Stockholm.

Since 1878, Professor of Topography and Geodesy at the Technical High School in Stockholm, since 1907, Professor at the University of Uppsala.

In 1898 he headed a reconnaissance expedition to Spitsbergen to prepare degree measurements, and in 1899-1902. the Swedish party of the joint Russian-Swedish expedition, which conducted geodetic, topographical and astronomical research there.

In 1880, Ederin invented a basic instrument for measuring triangulation bases, consisting of wires with scales suspended on special machines and under constant tension.In 1884, with its help, two bases were measured in Pulkovo.

Cape in the extreme south-east of. Wahlberg group Waigat in the Hinlopen Strait, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 79° 19.3'N    20° 10.3'E.

Mountain 1111 m high to the south of Raudfjord, Albert I Land ,  West Svalbard Island. Coordinates 79° 50'N   11° 30'E.

A small valley between the mountains Bulmannfjellet and Odellfjellet in the north of Dixon Land, Svalbard. The coordinates are 78° 50' N   16° 00'E.

The lake is in the frontal part of the Vonbreen glacier in the head of the Woodfjord on the border of the Land of Haakon VII and the Land of Andre, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 79° 10'N    13° 30'E.

Inner northern branch of Lady Franklin Bay in the west of the Land of Gustav V, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 80° 00'N    19° 00'E.


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