Zheleznyakov Anatoly Grigorievich 

Sailor of the Baltic Fleet, anarchist, hero of the civil war. 
Born in the village of Fedoskino, now the Moscow region in a peasant family. Was a worker in a textile factory. 
During World War I, Zheleznyakova was called up to the fleet during the 2nd Baltic Fleet crew. In June 1916 he deserted and, up to the February Revolution, went on merchant ships in the Black Sea, hiding under a fictitious surname. After the amnesty for the tsarist deserters of the tsarist time, Anatoly returned to the fleet and ended up in Kronstadt, being by this time a convinced anarchist who supported the Bolsheviks. 
In 1917, Zheleznyakov participated in the defense of Durnovo’s anarchists, in a demonstration in Kronstadt. He was arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison, but he escaped from the prison “Kresty”. He was an active participant in the October armed uprising: at the head of the sailors of the 2nd fleet crew took over the Petrograd Telegraph Agency, participated in the seizure of the Winter Palace, was a member of the delegates of the 2nd All-Russian Congress of Soviets. 
In January 1918, being the head of the guard of the Tauride Palace, he invited counter-revolutionary deputies of the Constituent Assembly to leave the palace, saying the words that went down in history: “The guard is tired”.


Kronstadt Flotskaya str., 4

He participated in the Civil War in Ukraine: in January 1918, in the capacity of Commissioner of the Danube Flotilla against the forces of the Central Rada and the Romanian interventionists, in March 1918 against the Austro-German occupiers as head of the Birzuli fortified area. Then he commanded the regiment of the 16th Infantry Division, was on the underground work in Odessa, and from May 1919 commanded an armored train in battles against Grigoriev, and later in battles against Denikin among the 14th army. 
Zheleznyakov was mortally wounded in a battle at Verkhovtsevo station near Dnepropetrovsk. 
He was buried in Moscow at the Vagankovsky cemetery. 
The island is east of the Tyrtov island in the Nordenskiöld archipelago in the Kara Sea. Named in 1939 by A.I. Kosoy.


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