Zheleznikov Vasily Alexandrovich [1]



Sailor-helmsman, member of the Russian Polar Expedition. 
Born in the village of Patrakeevka, Primorsky District, Arkhangelsk Governorate, he left the naval service, the Baltic. In 1899, Zheleznikov, consisting of 10 people, was selected by F.A. Mathisen of 200 volunteers in the RPE as a senior helmsman. During the winterings on Taimyr and Kotelny Island he took part in a sledge hike, proving himself to be an excellent musher and a great hunter. 
In 1903, Zheleznikov took an active part in the expedition to search and rescue the group E.V. Toll. He was part of the naval detachment, headed by A.V. Kolchak and N.A. Begichev. This detachment sailed and sailed under the sail and oars on the whaleboat of the yacht Zarya from the Tiksi to the Lyakhovsky Islands, Bunge Land, the Faddeevsky and New Siberian Islands to Bennett Island. The sailors found the parking places of the Toll group and made sure that they died when they returned home on a polar night in a kayak. Zheleznikov's courage, his endurance, unpretentiousness, adaptability to life in arctic conditions, the hunter's luck largely contributed to the fact that the rescue team was able to make an incredibly difficult trip and not lose a single person. 
After the search expedition was over, Zheleznikov was seconded with a report and Toll documents to St. Petersburg found on Bennett Island, where he handed them over to the chairman of the RPE equipment commission Academician F.B. Schmidt. 
"For three years of work and hardships", transferred during his participation in RPE and the search and rescue expedition, Zheleznikov was awarded the golden medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the inscription "For Diligence" for wearing on the Stanislav ribbon. The Academy gave him a pension of five rubles a month. 
In 1912, Zheleznikov recruited G.Ya. Sedov. To celebrate, he drank with friends, fell asleep on the watch and was immediately dismissed by Sedov. This was hardly useful for the expedition. 
In the First World War, he sailed a sailor on a sailboat, carried fish to Norway, then was seriously ill with rheumatism, for a long time was bedridden. After the liberation of the Arkhangelsk province from the interventionists, he took up fishing, joined a fishing collective farm, and was chairman of an artel. He worked until 1947, after the death of his family, he went to the invalid home. Apparently, he was the last of all participants in the voyage of the "Zaria". 
Island (Zheleznyakova) in the Bay of Precious at the northwestern tip of Bunge Earth. Opened and named in April 1902 by F.A. Mathisen. 

[1] Portrait from funds of the Russian Academy of Sciences; fund 14, opis 2, delo 84


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