Kalin Vladimir Yakovlevich 

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in the city of Gadyach, Poltava Province, in a peasant family. 
In 1927, Kalin graduated from the seven-year school and until 1930 he worked in Stalino in the garage. 
In 1931 he moved to Leningrad, worked at the Krasny Putilovets factory. In 1932 he entered the Institute of Mechanization Engineers, but in 1935 he moved to Hydrographic, which he graduated in 3 years. 
While still a student, Kalin participated in topographic and geodetic works on the White Sea-Baltic Canal, on Novaya Zemlya, in 1937, as a technician-hydrograph, he sailed on the
icebreaker vessel  "Malygin". 
After graduation, Kalin joined in the hard work of the hydrograph in various regions of the Arctic. First, the hydrographic work on the ship "Ivan Papanin" in the Kara Sea, then in 1939-1941 
wintering in the Indigirka hydro squad, in 1942–1943 work in the Tiksi hydro base, where he carried out topographic and geodetic works, was the head of the hydrographic unit on the hydrographic vessel "Nord". This was followed by the Chukchi and Dixon expeditions. 
In 1945, Kalin was seconded to the directorate of
Higher Arctic Marine School of. S.O. Makarov for work and study in graduate school. After graduating from graduate school in 1948, Kalin headed the Provedonic hydrobase, and a year later was seconded to the Academy of the Navy. 
He was awarded the medal "For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic". 
He died in Leningrad from a heart attack. He was buried at Bolsheokhtinsky cemetery. The grave was destroyed during the construction of Energetikov Avenue. 
Cape in the south of the island of George Land Archipelago Franz-Josef Land. 
At the suggestion of polar hydrographs, the name was approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee in July 1956 (Decision No. 271).


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