Karandashev Serafim Grigorievich 
(1906 – July 1949)

Arctic astronomer-geodesist, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in the village of Sonino, Adoevsky district, Tula province. The parents soon separated, and Karandashev with his mother and stepfather left for Petropavlovsk-Sibirskiy. Here he spent his childhood, here he graduated from the school in 1922, from here he went to Omsk, where he entered the land management department of the agricultural institute. Karandashev combined his studies at the institute with work in the office of astronomy and geodesy. Subsequently, this direction became the main sphere of its activity. 
After graduation from the institute, a young specialist was sent to work at the Siberian Higher Geodesic Administration, and as part of the astronomical parties, Ubekosibir participated in expeditionary works. From the first days of the organization of the 
Glavsevmorput, Karandashev became his employee, first in the West Siberian cartographic department in Omsk, then in 1935 in the Far Eastern representative office, and in 1937 in the  Glavsevmorput in Leningrad. 
In the asset Karandashev field astronomic and geodetic work on the coast of the Kara Sea, Ob Bay and along the Yenisei; magnetic survey of the coast of the Chukchi and East Siberian seas and the Anadyr River, where he spent the winter in 1936–1937; hydrographic work on the western coast of Taimyr on the hidrographic vessel "Papanin". His excellent management of the material processing team is marked by the receipt of the rolling Red Banner. 
In 1940, "for outstanding achievements in the development of the Northern Sea Route and the Far North regions, as well as for exemplary and dedicated work during the Arctic navigations of 1938-1939"
Karandashev was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 
Died in the Arctic. This is how  tells about it G.D. Bazhenov, a student practice under the guidance of Karandashev (Polar Mail website: "... Having some experience with CH-3, we went on expeditions. Surkov went on a Barabinsk expedition, and I and Karandashov again had to go to Kolpashevo. Seraphim Grigorievich exhibited a backbone network - he did not trust anyone. I have a photo signed: "July 1949. Kolpashevo. Airport. The last day of life of Serafim Grigorievich Karandashov". At that time I was very seriously into photography. I then photographed and x before the flight, and then the technician approached me and very seriously said that they have custom: "Before the flight - not to be photographed!" Well, I, of course: "Oh, come on!". Then I learned how pilots try to comply with all these customs. In the north, for example, they never shaved before the flight - only the day before! They flew to Sha-2. In Kolpashevo, he sat down and climbed on wheels. And then I cleaned the chassis, and further landing on the rivers. And then he sat down in the area of Bely Yar, the stream turned out to be quite strong there, began to demolish, Serafim Grigorievich, not waiting for the screw to stop, jumped out to fix it, and fell under the screw ...". 
Cape in the southeast of the Isle of Maybel archipelago Franz-Josef Land. 
The name was approved in 1963 by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee on the presentation of polar hydrographs (Decision No. 651).


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