Carsten Herman

(06.11.1817 - 10.07.1908)


German biologist, botanist, mycologist, naturalist, geologist, professor. He specialized in ferns, algae, seed plants and mycology.

Born in the city of Stralsund.

Carsten studied natural sciences in Rostock and Berlin, in 1843 - 1847. and 1848-1856. made two trips to South America, where he traveled to Venezuela, the Republic of New Granada, Ecuador and Colombia. Then from 1856 to 1868, Karsten was a professor at the Institute for Agricultural Research in Berlin; From 1868 to 1872, he was Professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Vienna in Vienna, where he founded a laboratory.Karsten made a significant contribution to botany by describing many plant species.

He died in the city of Sopot.

Mountain south of Disco Bay in the west of the island of Edge. Coordinates 77° 40'N   21° 30' E.


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