Kazakov Ivan Filippovich

Navigator, second lieutenant, explorer of the Barents and White seas.
Information about Kazakov is extremely scarce. In 1807 he entered the Shturmanskoe school as a student, in 1812–1814. he was a navigator assistant going to the shores of England, in 1821–1822 participated in the inventory of the shores of the Pechora, in 1823–1831 - in the inventory and measurements of the White Sea and the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea.
In 1832, under the supervision of Lieutenant V.A. Krotov as a navigator took part in an Arctic expedition organized with private funds. The expedition ship "Yenisei" left Arkhangelsk, having a task through the  Matochkin Shar Strait reach the mouth of the Yenisei. During this transition, the vessel died under unexplained circumstances with the whole crew off the west coast of Novaya Zemlya in the Matochkin Shar area.
In 1834, the catcher I.Ya. Gvozdarev and in 1835 P.K. Pakhtusov found fragments of the Yenisei scattered in different places on the bank of the New Earth.

Strait between the island of Mityushev and the western coast of the northern island of New Earth. The name was given by the commission of the Northern Hydrographic Expedition chaired by N.I. Evgenov in 1925.
River in the east of the northern island of New Earth. The original name Pridanikha. In 1835, it was renamed by P.K. Pakhtusov.


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