Kennedy William 
(April 1814–25.01.1890)

English seaman, employee of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada. For eight years he lived on Labrador. 
In 1851, Kennedy headed an organized Jane Franklin expedition aboard the "Prince Albert" to search for the missing ships John FranklinThe expedition also included the frenchman
Joseph Bello. 
In the summer of 1851, they arrived at the island of Somerset and hibernated on its eastern shore. In January 1852, they made a sortie to the wintering place in 1832 - 1833.John Ross at Cape Fury. Here, in 1825, W. Parry abandoned his damaged Fury vessel and left a large food depot, which, as you know, saved the John Ross expedition.Kennedy suggested that Franklin, who knew about the existence of this warehouse, could go to him. However, this assumption Kennedy was not justified. No traces of Franklin were found, the products were in excellent condition. 
Going further along the eastern coast to the south, they opened a narrow strait, which was named after J. Bello. In fact, this discovery and it was found that Somerset is an island. Previously, it was considered a continuation of the Boothia Peninsula and was called North Somerset. Then they went to Prince-Wales Island, and then closed the circuit around the island of Somerset. No trace of the missing expedition was found. In total, we spent 97 days on the trek, covering 1,100 miles on foot and by dogs. 
Signs of scurvy appeared among the team, and Kennedy decided to return to England. On the way back, we visited Beachy Island, hoping to find G. Austin's ships there, but from the North Star commander who was there from the Belcher W. Pellen expedition, we learned that Austin had gone to England in the autumn of 1851. 
Unfortunately, the results of the Kennedy expedition played in favor of the erroneous opinion that Franklin from the place of his first wintering did not go to the south, but to the north. 
In 1853, Kennedy attempted to sail to the Siberian shores on the Isabel schooner, as supporters of the northern choice of Franklin believed that it was necessary to look for him there. The most active supporter of this assumption was B. Pym, who in 1851 tried to involve Russia in the search. 
Kennedy's voyage did not take place. He was forced to turn back from the coast of Chile. 
He died in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Cape in the southwest of Cameron Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Bay in the southeast of Prince of Wales in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. 
Strait between Ellesmere Island and Greenland (?).


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