Cyber Augustus Erich 

Marine doctor and naturalist. 
He was born in the town of Earl in Livonia, studied at the University of Dorpat, and attended the course of medical sciences in Berlin and Göttingen. In 1820 he received the degree of doctor of medicine. 
In 1820–1824 Cyber took part in the expedition of F.P. Wrangel to the Arctic, for participation in which he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of 4 degrees. 
In the years 1825–1827 under the leadership of Wrangel made a round-the-world voyage on the sloop "Meek". During the expedition he collected cereals, historical and ethnographic information about the inhabitants of Alaska and Kamchatka. His scientific achievements were marked by the election in 1827 to become a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
In 1828–1832 Cyber ​​sailed in the Mediterranean, participated in the blockade of the Dardanelles. Subsequently, he served in St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Astrakhan and since 1854 in Nikolaev. It was the headquarters of the doctor of the Black Sea Fleet. 
He died in Nikolaev. 
Cape on the northeast coast of Siberia to the east of the Chaun Bay. Called by F.P. 
Wrangell in 1823.


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