Kjerulf Theodore

(30.03.1825 - 25.10.1888)


Norwegian geologist and professor at the University of Oslo. He also served as director of the Norwegian Geological Survey.

Born in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. He was the brother of the composer Halfdan Kjerulf. He was educated at Queen Frederick University (now the University of Oslo) and subsequently studied in Germany, working with Karl Georg Bischof in Bonn and Robert Wilhelm Bunsen in Heidelberg.

In 1858, he was hired as a lecturer at Queen’s University Frederick. In 1866 he was promoted to professor of geology. His contribution to the geology of Norway was numerous. During the years 1858-1888 he served as the first director of the Norwegian Geological Survey. He also contributed to the systematic and detailed mapping of Norway's bedrock. His main works were Das Christiania Silurbecken (1855) andUdsigt over det sydlige Norges Geologi (1879).

From 1856 to 1857 he was chairman of the Norwegian Polytechnic Society. Kjerulf was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 1869.

Theodore Kjerulf published three poetry collections: in 1848, 1854 and 1866. In 1855, the University of Oslo awarded him the gold medal of the Crown Prince. In 1866 he became a knight of the Order of St. Olaf.

He died in Christiania and was buried in the graveyard of the Savior.


Cemetery Our Savoir


The smallest island in the Orwin Land,  on the island of Northeastern land, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 80° 10'N   25° 30'E.

Mountain 747 m high south of Belsun between the Ringar and Renard Glaciers in the north-west of the Wedel Yarlsberg. Coordinates. 77° 31.3'N    14° 16.0'E.

The glacier is about 7.5 km long in the south of Oscar II Land. The coordinates are 78° 16.5'N   13° 40.0'E.


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