Klokachev Alexey Fedotovich 

The outstanding figure of the Russian fleet, vice-admiral, son of vice-admiral FA Klokachev, the hero of the Chesme battle, the founder of the Sevastopol port. 
As a child in 1777 he was appointed sergeant to the Preobrazhensky regiment, in 1783 he served as adjutant to his father. Already in the rank of lieutenant Klokachev, he participated in the Russian-Swedish war of 1788–1790, in the battle of Gogland, on the frigate “St. Alexander". made an inventory of the Gulf of Finland. In his service record is the command of a court flotilla of sailing-rowing vessels. 
In 1802, Klokachev was awarded the Order of St. George, degree 4 "For Impeccable Service, in the officer ranks, of 18 six-month naval campaigns". In addition, the military achievements of Klokachev were awarded the orders of St. Vladimir of the 4th degree and St. John of Jerusalem. . 
In 1808, in the rank of Rear Admiral Klokachev, became the military governor of Theodosia, from 1813 - the chief commander of the Arkhangelsk port and the military governor of Arkhangelsk, and from 1820 - the governor of the Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Olonets provinces. During these years, Klokachev played a great role in organizing research on the region subordinate to him, in particular in organizing expeditions of I.N. 
Ivanov on the inventory of the Pechora Sea.

The administrative merits of Klokachev are marked by the Orders of St. Anna, 1st degree and St. Vladimir, 2nd degree.. 
He died in Vologda. 
In the house of Klokachev in St. Petersburg (Fontanka, 185) lived the family of A.S. Pushkin after graduating from Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum in 1817. In the same years, the family of Lyceum comrade Pushkin M.A. Korf. 
Cape on the east coast of the southern island of New Earth. He named P.K. 
Pakhtusov in 1833.


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