Knipovich Nikolay Mikhailovich 

Zoologist and public figure, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. 
Born in the town of Sveaborg in the family of a military doctor. In 1880, he graduated from the Alexander Real Gymnasium with a gold medal, then the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University. Six years later, Knipovich defended his master's thesis, in 1893 he was elected assistant professor of St. Petersburg University, but later for political unreliability, he was in the group of Blagoev, excluded from the number of teachers. From 1894 to 1921 he worked at the Zoological Museum (Institute) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, in 1911–1930. - Professor of the Department of Zoology and General Biology of the Women's (later I Leningrad) Medical Institute. 
Knipovich - the head of the Russian school of ichthyologists, the organizer of the scientific-fishing business and research of the seas of the European part of the USSR; the organizer and leader of a number of research expeditions: Murmansk (1898–1901), for which for the first time in the world a special vessel “Andrey Pervozvanny”, the Caspian (1886, 1904, 1912–1913, 1914–1915), the Baltic and others was built. He is the author of fundamental works on hydrology and fishing in the Arctic Ocean, the Caspian, Azov and Black Seas, and the geology of the northern seas. In 1902, the
 Imperial Russian Geographical Society awarded Knipovich with a medal of Count Litke, and in 1924 with the Konstantinovsky medal. 
Scientific work Knipovich combined with social and organizational activities. He participated in international negotiations, was an active member and organizer of many scientific commissions and conferences, a founding member of several institutes for the study of the seas. 
He was buried in St. Petersburg at the Smolensk cemetery. In 1956, the tombstone was transferred to the Literator's footbridge of the Volkovsky cemetery: a stele with a bas-relief portrait. 
Mountain on the shore of the Taimyr Gulf.

Bay south of the Bay of Schubert on the east coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1924 by the Novaya Zemlya expedition of R.L. Samoylovich. 
Bay in Taimyr Gulf. Named in 1901 by E.V. Toll. 
In honor of the hydrographic vessel "N. Knipovich" in 1953 was named cape on the island of Victoria in the Barents Sea.


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