Kozhevin Ivan Efimovich 

Land surveyor, arctic explorer, expedition member MM. Hedenstrom on the New Siberian Islands. 
From the available meager information about the life and activities of Kogevin, it is known that his father, Efim Kogevin, was also a surveyor in 1795-1799. past the coast of the Arctic Ocean from the mouth of the Lena to the Chukotka nose and left his notes to his son. Kozhevin himself lived for 15 years among the Tungus, studied in Irkutsk for five years in a “geodetic, astronomical and maritime navigation school”; at the suggestion of Vice-Admiral I.K. Fomina. Kogevin wrote that he began traveling as a surveyor in Siberia, along the shores of the Okhotsk and “Arctic” seas, in 1787 and traveled in these parts for a total of 23 years. 
By the time he participated in the expedition of Gedenstrom, Kogevin in 1804 made a map of Eastern Siberia and Russian possessions in North America, the following year participated in the academic expedition of the botanist I.I. Redovsky in the Far East. 
Cape in the south of the island Faddeevsky archipelago Novosibirsk Islands. Kozhevin discovered in 1809 during an inventory of the island by an expedition of MM.Hedenstrom The name was given in 1906 by K.A. Vollosovich. 
The river in the north of the island Kotel'niy archipelago Novosibirsk Islands.


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