Kozhevnikov Mikhail Yakovlevich 

Russian military topographer. 
Born in the city of Kozlov, Tambov Province. In 1892 he graduated from the military topographic school and was seconded to the 145 infantry regiment of Novocherkassk. 
During 1893–1896 Kozhevnikov was engaged in the shooting of the North-Western border area, then served in the 115th Vyazma infantry regiment. 
Kozhevnikov entered the history of studies of the Russian North due to his participation in 1904–1906. in the expedition of geologist I.P.Tolmacheva in the north of Siberia: in the Yenisei province and the Yakutsk region. 
Upon returning from it, he spent three years filming the St. Petersburg province and Finland, as well as in the units of the Main Directorate of the Murmansk coast.

Another meeting with the Polar Region took place at Kozhevnikov in 1909–1910. He was seconded to the Chukotka expedition of the same I.P.Tolmachyova, organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The expedition achieved good results, conducting a topographic survey of more than two thousand kilometers of the Arctic coast from Kolyma to Cape Dezhnev, which was based on 24 astronomical points, in six months. 1000 km of shooting to Cape Shalaurova hut conducted Kozhevnikov.


Kozhevnikov cliff on Cape Schmidt (Ryrkaypy)

(photo by I.P. Tolmachyov)


A special place in Kozhevnikov’s activities is occupied by his participation in the preparations for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the House of Romanov, which was celebrated in 1912. In 1911 he was sent to the Kostroma province to find out at the place of the borders of the ancient possessions of the Romanovs at the time of the accession to the throne of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. In the same year, he was engaged in shooting Borodino field, which was carried out on the eve of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812. 
In 1912, the Imperial Russian Geographical Society awarded Kozhevnikov with a small gold medal "for literary works". In 1915 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the Corps of Military Topographers. 
Further, it is known that by 1922 Kozhevnikov was in the 1st military topographic detachment. He was dismissed from service on March 1, 1924. In the first half of the 1930s, he worked as a senior cartographer for the Yakut section of the Soviet Academy of Sciences' Soviet Academy of Sciences, in 1932, under his editorship, the map of the Yakut ASSR of 1: 2,000,000 scale was published. After that, Kozhevnikov's tracks are lost. Place of death unknown. 
Cliff on Cape Schmidt in Chukotka. Named in 1909 by geologist I.P. Tolmachyov. 
Bay in the south of the Haar-Tumus peninsula on the eastern shore of the Khatanga Bay. First described by Kozhevnikov in 1905. The name was given in 1924 at the suggestion of the famous cartographer of Yakutia A.A. Romanov. A village and a hill are called along the bay.


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