Kolychev Viktor Nikitovich

(1888 - ?)

He was born in Astrakhan province (now the village Staritsa Chernoyarsky district of Astrakhan region).
A naval officer, a Colonel of the administrative service. A participant Civil and great Patriotic wars.
Awards: Medal "XX years of the red army"(22.02.1938), Order of the Red banner (03.11.1944), Order of Lenin (21.02.1945).

First Commissioner of the Expedition F.A. Mathisen in the Lena Delta in 1920–1921 - the first Soviet Arctic expedition. 
Before the start of the expedition and during the movement to the delta, Mathisen treated Kolychev with great suspicion, tried not to notice him. However, in the course of their work, their relationship changed dramatically. Astrakhaney Kolychev knew the working conditions both on the sea and on the river. 
After the illness of Mathisen, he, in fact, led the detachment and led him to the ship. Mathisen wrote in his diary: "Political Commissar Kolychev is a man with whom you can deal". Kolychev's report on the results of the First Soviet Arctic Expedition was published only in 1961 in the Proceedings of the Institute of the History of Science and Technology. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about this person. All information about him is obtained from the diary of Mathisen and site  http://www.polarpost.ru/forum/viewtopic.
The isthmus of the Bykovsky peninsula separating Tiksi Bay and the Gulf of Neelov. Named by F.A. 
Mathisen in 1920.


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