Kolodkin Alexey Emelyanovich

(12.03.1776 - 16.05.1851)

Russian naval officer, hydrograph.

In 1792 he enrolled as a student in the navigational company and five years later he was released with the rank of sub-navigator.

During the years 1798-1800. served on the ships "Alexey" and "Elizabeth", cruising off the coast of England and Holland, and in 1802-1806. annually on ships of the rowing fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Sarychev engaged in research on the compilation of the atlas of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. In 1804 he was transferred to the navigator assistants of the 14th grade.

In 1808, after taking Sveaborg already in the rank of navigator of the 12th grade, he was making a plan of the fortress. In the same year, Kolodkin was seconded to the Caspian, where he conducted astronomical observations to verify the geodetic inventory and compile a new atlas of the Caspian Sea. Work in the Caspian continued until 1814.Rumovsky and Schubert, members of the Admiralty Department, responded with "excellent praise".

In 1819, Kolodkin was fired into the 8th grade and was appointed as the manager of the drawing department of the Admiralty Department. In 1827 he was transferred to the Corps of Naval Navigators and renamed Lieutenant Colonels.

In 1834, already in the rank of Colonel of the Naval Naval Corps Corps, he was appointed to the commission to collect information on the shores of the Caspian Sea that do not belong to Russia. In 1837 he headed the drawing department of the Hydrographic Department, in 1840 he was promoted to major general.

Merits Kolodkin awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 4 degrees, St. Stanislav 3 degrees.

He died in St. Petersburg, buried at the Mitrofanyevsky cemetery. The gravestone of our time was found in the Walkery at the Bolsheokhtinsky cemetery at the grave of Colonel Sergei Mikhailovich Antonov (1903-1944).

The river on the southern island of Novaya Zemlya, which flows into the Kara Sea north of Berkh Cape. Named by P.K.  Pakhtusov in 1833 . In the twentieth century, the second name Kanat-Yah appeared.


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