Kolzakov Pavel Andreevich 

Admiral, a member of the Admiralty Council. 
Born in Tula. In 1790 he entered the Naval Cadet Corps, in 1795 promoted to midshipmen. 
In 1797, Kolzakov was sent to Arkhangelsk on the frigate Asia built there. On it, he participated in the actions of the fleet under the command of Admiral F.F. Ushakov on the Mediterranean Sea. 
In 1808, Kolzakov participated in the Russian-Swedish war, which was fought by Russia in order to establish full control over the Gulf of Finland and Bothnia. He brilliantly executed the order of Barclay de Tolly to drag 12 gunboats from the sea into the lake of Calavesi near Kuopio to assist the troops there. After the end of the war, Kolzakov commanded the yacht “Neva”, built for Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, in 1811, before the start of the Patriotic War, he was appointed as a lieutenant adjutant to the crown prince. 
Kolzakov participated in the battles of Borodino, Bautzen, Kulm, where Marshal Vandam, Leipzig, Fehr-Champenoise and others surrendered to him personally. In 1814, for distinction in the case of Fer-Champenoise, Kolzakov was awarded the Order of St. George, 4 degrees. In 1815 he was given the rank of captain of the 1st rank. 
During the Warsaw uprising in 1830, Kolzakov was under Konstantin Pavlovich, and when he left Warsaw he was appointed commandant of the temporary main apartment. In the same year he was given the rank of vice admiral. 
After the death of Konstantin Pavlovich, Kolzakov became the aide-de-camp of the emperor, in 1843 he was made admiral, in 1846 he was elected to the Admiralty Council, and in 1847 he became a member of the Alexander Committee on the Wounded. In 1853, for omissions in the work of the Committee, which enabled one of the employees, Politkovsky, to make a large waste, he was dismissed. However, in 1855, Alexander II, at the accession, appointed him his adjutant general. 
Among other top awards Kolzakov Order of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Vladimir 2 and 3 degrees. 
He died in St. Petersburg, was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery, the grave was not preserved. 
Cape on the southeast coast of the southern island of New Earth. Named by P.K. 
Pakhtusov in 1833.


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