Kozmin Prokopy Tarasovich 

Navigator, arctic explorer. 
Born in St. Petersburg province in the family of the boatswain. In 1816 he graduated from the navigator school with the rank of sub-navigator. 
In the years 1816-1817 Kozmin on the frigate "Mercury" went to France, Holland and England. 
In 1817–1819 as a navigator assistant, he traveled around the world on the sloop Kamchatka under the command of V.M. Golovnin, in which, among other things, distinguished himself by saving the perished Russian merchant vessel. On this expedition, Kozmin met and became friends with F.P. Wrangel. This friendship had a great influence on many years of his later life. 
In 1820–1824 He participated in the expedition of Wrangel along the northern shores of Siberia. Of the works he produced, descriptions of the coast of Siberia between the mouths of Kolyma and Indigirka, as well as the Bear Islands, were especially important. 
After returning from this expedition in 1825–1827. under the command of the same Wrangel Kozmin, with the rank of second lieutenant, took part in the round-the-world voyage on the Meek transport. 
In 1829 he entered the service of the Russian-American company, on whose instructions he described the south-western coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Yakutsk-Ust-Uda road and the Shantar islands, opening two unknown islands named after the directors of the Russian-American company Prokofiev and Kuskov. 
In 1832, Kozmin participated in the chronometric expedition of Lieutenant General F.F. Schubert and gave her a description. From 1837 until his death, he was in charge of the instrumentation room of the hydrographic department. In 1846 he was made a lieutenant colonel of the FSC. 
He was awarded the Order of St. Anne 2 degrees and St. Stanislav 3 degrees. 

He died in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Smolensk Orthodox cemetery.The grave is not preserved. 
Cape east of the Chaun Bay. Named by F.P. 
Wrangell in 1823.


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