Kuhn von Kunenfeld Franz




Austrian and Austro-Hungarian military leader, Minister of War of Austria-Hungary in 1868-1874, baron.

Born in Prossnitz (Prostejov), the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Austrian empire in the family of an Austrian officer, Major Franz von Kuhn.

Kuhn graduated with honors from the Theresian Academy and in 1837 entered active military service. During the revolution of 1848-1849. he participated in the hostilities in Italy and Hungary, served in the headquarters of the quartermaster general.

Further, for several years, Kuhn served as chief of staff of the 11th Army Corps, stationed in Hungary, in 1853 received the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Since 1856 - Professor, he taught strategy at the Vienna Military School. In 1859, as the chief of staff of the army, General Gyulai participated in the Austro-Italian-French war.

During the Austro-Prussian-Italian War of 1866, Kuhn led a minor front line in Italy, distinguished himself by his skillful maneuvering troops.He received the rank of Field Marshal Lieutenant.

In January 1868, Kuhn headed the War Department. In this post, he carried out measures to eliminate the traditional defense system in the Balkans - the “military border” on the line of contact with the Ottoman Empire. In 1873 he received the rank of feldtheichmeister.

In 1874, after being dismissed from the post of Minister of War, he led troops in Styria, Carinthia and Extreme. During the Franco-Prussian War, Kuhn offered to side with France and start a war against Prussia. Together with the Archduke Rudolf, he expressed the opinion that it was necessary to liquidate the alliance with Prussia, create an offensive anti-Prussian alliance with France and Russia by refusing to take an active position in the Balkans. In May 1888, after Rudolph had referred to him in justifying his vision for foreign policy, Kuhn was unexpectedly dismissed.

He died of heart disease in his estate Strassoldo on the Austrian Riviera.

An island in the north of Franz-Josef Land. Opened and named in 1874 by Yu. Payer.


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