Kükenthal Willy Georg

(04.08.1861 - 22.08.1922)


German zoologist. Professor of zoology in Jena, Breslau and Berlin, an expert in eight-coral (Octocorallia) and cetaceans.

Born in Weissenfels. He was the elder brother of the theologian and botanist Georg Kükental, studied natural science at the universities of Munich and Jena.

In 1884, he received a doctorate degree from the University of Jena, becoming there in 1889 a professor of zoology.

In 1898, Kükental was recognized as a professor of zoology and comparative anatomy, and also as head of the Zoological Museum in Breslau. After professorship from 1911 to 1912 at the University of Cambridge, he became in 1913 a professor of zoology at the University of Berlin and director of the Zoological Museum.

Kükenthal undertook extensive travel to gather study material. In 1886 and 1889 He traveled to the Arctic and Western Spitsbergen, and in 1894 to the Malay Archipelago and the northern Moluccas. He collected a large amount of material, which is now mainly located in the Senkenberg Frankfurt Museum. In the period from 1918 to 1919. Kükental was president of the German Zoological Society. More than 20 species of animals are named in his honor.

For the last three years of his life, Kükental was seriously ill and died in Berlin eight years after the first symptoms of cancer.

An island in the Strait of Heleysund between the islands of Western Spitsbergen and Barents Island.


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