Kulik Nestor Alekseevich 
(09.12.1886 - 1942)


Geologist, brother L.A. Kulik, a famous meteor explorer. 
He graduated from St. Petersburg University, was an employee of the Geological and Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the 1930s - Senior Geologist of the
Geological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, since 1937 doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, employee of the Arctic Institute. 
He worked in the Arctic (Vaigach, Amderma, Ugra Shar), in the Northern Urals, the Caucasus, in the Mesopotamian Taurus, Mongolia, Turkmenistan.As an employee of Rosdorproekt under
Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR, he led prospecting work in “habitable places”: on the Volga, in the area of the future Kuybyshev hydroelectric complex, with the goal of exploring building materials in the Volga region, Transcaucasia and on the Black Sea coast. In his letters to his brother, Kulik describes the most difficult living conditions of the population of the Volga region: “On the part of everyday life, it’s bad. There is nothing on the steamers or on the piers. The most hungry place. Not better in Kazan, where it is difficult to get bread and stuff that can be chewed. I'm full only when I get to the party, where you can eat bread and drink milk. Pants fall from gastric angst. I remember with delight the Moscow and Leningrad abundance. Yes, sir, province! All this, of course, household trifles. They do not paint as much as they paint life. With what anguish I remember the herring jar that I cut from you! Or a good strong tea. And much more that seems as achievable here as fruit from Mars”.  Such was the fate of this man - he died of starvation in besieged Leningrad. Place of burial unknown. 
Bay in the north of Lake Taimyr. 
Named, apparently, by Arctic geologists.


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