Larsen  Alfred Waldemar

(24.11.1863 - 10.09.1950)


Norwegian businessman, philanthropist and sailor, Olympian, winner of the gold medal in the sailing race in the 12 meter yacht class at the 1912 Summer Olympics. For this achievement awarded the Order of St. Olaf.

Member of the Norwegian expeditions to Svalbard, including the expedition of Isaksen in the years 1909-1910.

The family company Larsenov has become the leading importer of wines and liqueurs in Norway.

Mountain height of 559 m in the central part of.Prince Charles, Svalbard.  The coordinates are 78° 33.1'N   11° 08'E.

The westernmost of the two 3.5 km long glaciers in the central part of  Prince Carl Vorland Island.



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