Lazarev Andrei Petrovich

Russian naval officer, vice-admiral, arctic explorer, brother of the discoverer of Antarctica, admiral M.P. Lazarev.
Born in Vladimir. After graduating from the course in the naval cadet corps in 1804, he was in naval campaigns for 5 years. In 1806, he participated in the blockade of Ragusa and at the capture of the island of Kurzola, where he captured a 14-gun schooner and several merchant ships. In 1810 he returned by land to St. Petersburg.
In 1812, Lazarev cruised off the English and Dutch shores aboard the ship Boreus; in 1815, commanded the boat "Janus"; In 1816, for 18 naval campaigns, he was awarded the Order of St. George, 4th degree.
In 1819, on the brig "Novaya Zemlya", Lazarev attempted to pass from Arkhangelsk to Novaya Zemlya to describe its shores, however, due to the difficult ice conditions and illness of the crew, the expedition ended in failure. The description of this voyage was given by Lazarev in his work “Navigation of the brig“ Novaya Zemlya ”under the command of Lieutenant A. Lazarev in 1819”.
In 1822–1824 sailed to the shores of North America on the sloop "Ladoga" and described it in the book "Swimming around the world on the sloop "Ladoga" by Lieutenant Commander Lazarev".
In subsequent years, Lazarev commanded the 12th naval crew, led the expedition of a detachment of military vessels transporting wounded from Danzig to Kronstadt, from 1832 to 1839, in the rank of rear admiral commanded the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Fleet Division, 3rd brigade of the 1st naval division and, finally, the 1st naval division.
Lazarev was a full holder of the orders of St. Stanislav and St. Anna.
He died in Petersburg, buried in the Kronstadt city Orthodox cemetery.
Cape in the south of the southern island of New Earth. He named P.K. Pakhtusov in 1833.
Mountains in the northeast of the southern island of New Earth. Named in 1925 by the Commission of the Northern Hydrographic Expedition under the direction of N. I. Evgenov.


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