Leontyev Ivan

The ensign of geodesy, explorer Bear Islands. 
In March – April 1769  together with ensigns I. Lysov and A. Pushkarev with a detachment, he moved across the ice from Nizhnekolymsk to Bear Islands, made an accurate and detailed inventory of them. In February 1770  with the same comrades from the Four-Column Island, in search of “Andreev Land”, he rode about 250 km across the ice in the northeast direction. In February 1771  for the third time, he and his comrades visited these islands. After walking about 90 km to the east on the ice and not finding the land, he turned back. His map was published only in Soviet times. M.I. Belov noted almost modern accuracy of this card. 
In 1773  Leontyev traveled from Yakutsk to St. Petersburg with the materials of the expedition. 
The island of the Bear Islands. First described by Sergeant S. Andreev. 
Named by the hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean in 1912.


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