Liestol Olaf

(24.02.1916 - 03.04.2002)

Norwegian glaciologist and geologist.

Born in the city of Christiania (now Oslo). The son of folklorist and politician Knut Liestola. He grew up in the place Blommenholm. He was a member of Milorg during the Nazi occupation of Norway and received the diploma Candidatus realium at the University of Oslo in 1945.

From 1948 until his retirement in 1986 he worked as a glaciologist at the Norwegian Polar Institute. Considered "the most recognizable Norwegian glaciologist". He explored the geology of Svalbard and Antarctica.

The large glacier in the Land of Torel, West Svalbard Islands. The coordinates are 77° 25.6'N   16° 48.0'E.


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