Lilje Vladimir Aleksandrovich 

Russian sailor, vice-admiral. 
Active service began in 1873, enrolling in the Marine Corps. After graduating in 1877, he served in the Baltic Fleet until 1880 and then was transferred to the Far East. Here Lilje served on the subsequently famous gunboat "Koreyets", as well as the senior officer on the gunboat "Brave", commanded the destroyer "Narva". 
Lilye entered the history of Arctic research as the commander of "Samoyed" transport, from which the hydrographic batch of A.F. Bukhteev in the years 1895-1896 led measurements off the coast of Novaya Zemlya. 
Practical swimming Lilier combined with study. In 1892 he took a course in the Mine class, and in 1898 he graduated from the Nikolaev Maritime Academy. 
In the following years  Lilje commanded the coastal defense battleships "Admiral Lazarev", "Admiral Chichagov", headed the training and mine detachment of the Baltic Fleet, and the Main Inspection of the Mines. In the war of 1904-1905. in the rank of Captain 1st Rank, he commanded the armored cruiser "Russia" as part of the Vladivostok squad of cruisers. 

Since 1910  Lilje, in the rank of Vice-Admiral, was the Chairman of the Marine Technical Committee and was a member of a special committee on the organization of coastal defense. He retired at the end of 1911. 
e received numerous awards, including the Order of St. Stanislav 1 and 2 degrees, St. Anne 2 and 3 degrees, St. Vladimir 3 degrees with swords and 4 degrees for 25 years of service in the officer ranks and others, as well as medals in memory of the Reign Emperor Alexander III, in memory of the Holy Coronation of Their Imperial Majesties. 
During the civil war, he served as chief mineral worker of the Arkhangelsk port. 
Cape on the west coast of the New Earth. 
Called by the "Samoyed" expeditionary transport crew.


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