Ling Per Henrik

(15.11.1776 - 03.05.1839)

Swedish therapist, scientist, teacher and founder of the Swedish gymnastics system. Also known as a poet.

Born in the town of Sedra-Jung, commune Yungby, flax Kronoberg, Sweden in the family of an official.

On the maternal line, he was the great-great-grandson of the famous scientist Olof Rudbek Sr. (1630-1702), the discoverer of the human lymphatic system.

In 1792  Per Henrik graduated from high school in Växchö. From 1793 he studied theology at the University of Lund. Received a degree in 1797 at the University of Uppsala. Then he went abroad for several years, first to Copenhagen, where he taught modern languages, and then to Germany, France and England.

Material difficulties during the trip undermined his health, he suffered from rheumatism, but gained considerable knowledge of gymnastics and fencing. In 1804  he returned to Sweden and established himself as a teacher of these disciplines in Lund, and in 1805 he was appointed a fencing instructor at the university.

Daily exercise completely restored his physical health, so he began to think about how to apply this experience for the benefit of others. He attended anatomy and physiology classes and went through the whole training program to train a doctor, then he developed his own gymnastics system, divided into four branches: teaching, medical, military and aesthetic.

After several attempts to interest the Swedish government, Ling finally cooperated with him in 1813, and the Royal Central Gymnastics Institute was opened in Stockholm, designed to train teachers in this discipline; Ling himself became its principal. Many doctors treated Ling and his students with great skepticism, but the fact that in 1831 Ling was elected a member of the Swedish Medical Society shows that, at least, in his native country his methods were recognized as professional.

His followers were Lars Gabriel Branting (1799–1881), who replaced Ling as director of the institute, Carl Augustus George, who became the sub-director of the institute, his son, Yalmar Ling (1820–1886).Together with Major Toure Brandt, who since 1861 has specialized in treating women (gynecological gymnastics), they are considered the pioneers of Swedish therapeutic gymnastics.

He died in Stockholm. Buried in Annelund.

A small glacier emerging from the Biscay Glacier on the Biscay Peninsula in the north of the Land of Haakon VII. The coordinates are 79° 40'N 12° 00'E.

The mountain south of Ling's Bay on the Biscay peninsula in the north of the Land of Haakon VII. The coordinates are 79° 40'N 12° 00'E.

Bay on the northern coast of the Biscay peninsula in the north of the Land of Haakon VII. The coordinates are 79° 40'N 12° 00'E.


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