Longyear by John Munro

(15.04.1850 - 28.05.1922)


A researcher of lands rich in minerals in America, as well as a central figure in the Arctic Coal Company, who studied Spitsbergen in the years 1905-1916. The company took part in the settlement of Svalbard people; in particular, it settled about 500 people in the current city of Longyearbyen, built near Adventfjord.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, Longyear, from 1890 to 1891, he served as mayor of Marquette.

In 1890  he became one of the founders of the Huron Mountain Club.

In 1906  together with Frederick Ayer and other minor shareholders, Longyear established the Arctic Coal Company. The company's headquarters was located in Boston.

In 1901  Longyir moved to Svalbard and in 1904 bought the local Tronhjem Spitsbergen Kulkompani.

In 1916 Store Norske was founded, representing a consortium of Norwegian investors; they acquired the Arctic Coal Company and the Ayer and Longyear. Longyear focused on coal mining in Sveagruv.

Died in Brookline.

The largest settlement on Svalbard, a valley, a river and a glacier southeast of the Adventfjord, Nordenskiöld Land, the island of Western Spitsbergen.


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