Lorenz Karl Aleksandrovich

(01.11.1874 - March 1938)


Natural scientist, researcher of the New Earth.

Born in Arkhangelsk. In 1892 he began working as an apprentice pharmacist in an Arkhangelsk pharmacy with E.F. von Blosfeldt.

In 1895 he went to study in St. Petersburg, enrolling in the course of pharmacist assistants at the Military Medical Academy. In 1903, having passed all the tests, he was recognized by the Medical Faculty of the Imperial Yuryevsky University "worthy of the degree of a pharmacist with all the rights and advantages associated with the law with this degree." 
After graduating from the university, Lorenz returned to Arkhangelsk and received the position of the head of the pharmacy of the Arkhangelsk hospital of the Order of Public Charity. At the same time, by the resolution of the Medical Department of the Arkhangelsk Provincial Board, he was allowed to engage in the teaching of botany, pharmacy and pharmacognosy in the Arkhangelsk medical attendant school.

Almost immediately, Lorenz joined the work of the Red Cross Society of Sisters of Mercy, where he led special subjects for the care of the sick and wounded.

In 1909 he participated in the expedition of V.A. Rusanov to Novaya Zemlya, discovered a new-earth species of fern, discovered there a previously unknown population of bumblebees, was engaged in the ethnography of the Nenets, wrote down and published their tales.

Lorenz spent his life an active social work. He was a member of the Society of Arkhangelsk Doctors, the Society of Amateur Photographers, a founding member and subsequently secretary of the Arkhangelsk River Yacht Club.

In December 1937  Lorenz was arrested on charges of espionage, as well as for contacting the Norwegian consul in Arkhangelsk. Karl Alexandrovich denied the charges against him, since they were untenable.

In March 1938  Karl Alexandrovich died in prison. In January 1962  the case against K.A. Lorenz "for lack of corpus delicti" stopped.

Island (Lorenza or Middle Luda) in the North Sulmenev Bay. Named in 1909 by V.A. Rusanov.


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