Loven Sven Ludwig

(06.01.1809 - 03.09.1895)


Swedish zoologist.

Born in Maria Magdalena. He graduated from the University of Lund.

In 1829 he received a degree in Lund and became an assistant professor of zoology there. In the following years he made extensive journeys in Norway, the western coast of Sweden and Finnmark, in 1837 he headed the first scientific expedition to Svalbard. Since 1841, Loven is a professor at the State Museum in Stockholm, a member of the Stockholm Academy, an honorary member of the Royal Edinburgh Society.

The works of Loven are part of the faunal content, some belong to the structure and history of the development of the intestinal cavity (by the way, he observed the Syncoryne hydroid-like kidneys in 1836 and already assumed that they are separated), worms.

Awarded the French Order of Merit.

He died in Solna, Sweden, Swedish-Norwegian Union, was buried in Stockholm at the cemetery "Norra begravningsplatsen".

Archipelago of 7 small islands in the inner part of Kongsfjord, Oscar II Land ,  West Svalbard Island. The coordinates are 78° 50'N   12° 00'E.

The mountain is at an altitude of 434 m on the Lomfjord peninsula on the Ny-Freegland peninsula. The coordinates are 79° 20'N   18° 30'E.

Small glaciers on the Bregger Peninsula, Oscar II Land, West Spitsbergen Island. The coordinates are 78° 50'N   12° 00'E.

Lake between the mountains of Värmland and Geologists in the south of Oscar II Land, the island of Western Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 78° 17.2'N    13° 46.0'E.


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