Lundborg Einar

(05.04.1896 - 27.01.1931)

Swedish officer.

Born in Calcutta.

Participant of the Finnish Civil War in 1918. During the Estonian Liberation War as part of the Swedish Volunteer Corps, he served on the armored train No. 5 of the Estonian army. At his own request, he was transferred to the armored division, the commander of the Kalevipoeg armored car.

In the North-Western Army in the fall (September / October) 1919 as part of the Swedish White Legion, headquarters captain of the Russian service.

Awarded Russian orders of St. Anna 3 degrees with swords and bow and St. Vladimir 4 degrees with swords and bow.

Later again in the Armored car column of the Estonian People’s Army, on the Kalevipoeg armored car.

November 28, 1919 dismissed from military service. Enrolled in the reserve with the rank of captain. In September 1920 he left Estonia.

On November 5, 1924 it was excluded from the lists of the reserve as not having Estonian citizenship.

In 1928 the lieutenant of the Swedish Air Force took part in the rescue of the expedition of Umberto Nobile (expedition on the airship "Italy"). Killed in Linköping during the test aircraft.

Cape in the south of the Finn Malmgren fiord on the Land of Orwin, Northeastern Land Island, Svalbard. The coordinates are 80° 15'N   24° 30'E.


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