Malmgren  Finn

(09.02.1895 - June 1928)


Swedish geophysicist, member of several oceanographic and Arctic expeditions, author of works on the physical and chemical properties of sea ice, commander of the Order of St. Olaf.

Born in Gothenburg. Finn Malmgren received secondary education in Gothenburg, Sundsvall and Stockholm. From 1912 to 1916 he studied at Uppsala University.

In 1917  Malmgren became an assistant to Professor Axel Hamberg at his observatory in Portetyocco. From 1920  he worked at the Meteorological Institute in Uppsala and the Hydrographic Institute, where he became an assistant to Professor Otto Petterson. Malmgren participated in the Arctic expedition aboard the "Maud" ship along with Roald Amundsen and Harald Sverdrup in 1922-1925 and in the expedition on the airship Norway under the command of Umberto Nobile to the North Pole in 1926.

Malmgren was one of the participants of the Nobile expedition to the Arctic in 1928 on the airship “Italia”. May 25 crash occurred airship. Of the sixteen crew members, seven died, and the rest, including Malmgren, were thrown onto the ice. At the same time Malmgren hurt his shoulder. On May 30  Malmgren and two Italian navigators, Filippo Zappi and Adalberto Mariano, left the camp so that, after reaching the Kongsfjord bay on Svalbard, they could report on the disaster. According to Mariano and Zappi, sometime on June 15, the exhausted Malmgren told his companions that he had no strength to go on, and they left him at the request of Malmgren himself.

Tsappi and Mariano were discovered by a Soviet pilot Chukhnovsky and taken on board the "Krasin" icebreaker on July 12.The body of Malmgren was not found, although it was reported that the Soviet pilot the day before the salvation of the Italians saw them together with the body lying on the ice. However, the pilot could easily take for a lying body rags, scattered Mariano and Zappi on the ice as a sign to the pilots. Since, according to the description of the witnesses, Zappi looked well after the rescue and wore Malmgren's warm clothes, there is a point of view (however, not having any substantial evidence) that Malmgren could have been eaten.

The fjord (Finn Malmgrenfjorden) in the north of the island Northeastern Land, Spitsbergen. Coordinates 80° 15' N   24° 30' E.


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