Malmgren Anders Johan

(21.11.1834 - 14.04.1897)

Finnish zoologist and government official.

Born in Kajaani, Finland.

Received higher education in Helsinki in 1854, became a master in 1860, a PhD in 1864, served as Commissioner for Fisheries in 1865 and 1877  an extraordinary professor of zoology at the University of Helsinki in 1869, served as governor of Oulu province in 1889.

Malmgren undertook several scientific expeditions, especially in northern latitudes, to the White Sea, to Svalbard, Finnmarken, participated in the first three Swedish expeditions of 1861, 1864 and 1868 to Svalbard. His most important scientific work related to the fauna and flora of the boreal region.

As a fishing commissioner, Malmgren undertook many significant operations. In 1869-1870, he published the “Collection of documents and regulations relating to Finnish fisheries” in the form of five booklets, and then the sixth, and in 1869 began to publish the “Journal of the Fishing Industry and Agriculture”. In addition, he enthusiastically worked on the improvement of fisheries, especially salmon, protection and protection of valuable species of fish in Finnish waters. He was often hired by the government for special committees (including the school committee in 1879).

At the time of his death, Malmgren was one of twenty foreign members of the British Ornithological Association.


Hitaniemi Cemetery


He died in Helsinki, buried in the Hitaniemi cemetery.

An island in the south of the Strait of Hinlopen in Svalbard. The coordinates are 79° 10'N  19° 30'E.

Mountain in the extreme south-west of the Ny-Friesland peninsula on the island of Western Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 78° 50'N  16° 30'E.

Cape in the north of the Swedish island in King Charles Land of the Archipelago King Charles Land. The coordinates are 78° 48.4'N    26° 22'E.


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